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We are now seeking donations for the next step in our journey towards a science centre in Auckland:
a three months exhibition that follows the concept of a scientific playground.

More than 2,000 people came to our Medical Technology exhibition in October 2016 @ the Silo6.
Visitors loved the interactive and education nature of the exhibits.

Our next exhibition will therefore be bigger, cover a wider range of scientific fields and be even more hands-on.
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The TestPod is a not for profit organisation dedicated to establishing a science centre in Auckland

When we want to succeed we look to those who have succeeded before us.
We ask them to teach us, to make us better and to inspire us.
We want to realise our dreams and ambitions no matter how big or incredible.

At the TestPod, our mission is to inspire generations of New Zealanders to discover Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics,
encouraging them to see themselves in our country’s future of STEAM.

The TestPod will be a scientific playground designed to inspire a lifelong curiosity in STEAM.
An iconic building dedicated to growing a more informed and scientifically involved public.
A hub where STEAM is explored and celebrated through a diverse range of high sensory and engaging experiences,
current and evolving exhibits and professional forums, re-introducing STEAM in a new and vibrant way.
Catering to the interests and needs of schools and tertiary providers,
we aim to link the education sector and our STEAM community together by providing the space to promote, discuss and explore STEAM fields to school and university students.


icon To make access to STEAM easy. Providing a hub committed to linking the pathways of STEAM.

icon Encourage and excite more New Zealanders to engage and partake in STEAM.

icon Encourage more students to choose a STEAM profession as a career of choice.



Our inspiration comes from the children we are meeting along the way.
Their ideas and feedback are shaping the TestPod as we go.
Those drawings are from last year competition's, we loved them all and wanted to share them all on our website.




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Science and the knowledge and innovation that flow from scientific progress have a critical role in creating and defining our future.